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October 2021

FRIDAY 08/10/2021

Dallas Show has been canceled, Komarc looks forward to Toy Fair New York and Nürnberg, 2022

Unfortunately, the Dallas Toy Fair has been canceled due to the last outbreak of Covid-19. We are looking forward to new opportunities in 2022 with New York Toy Fair and Spielwarenmesse in Nürnberg.

At Spielwarenmesse, Komarc Games will debut DIQUIS - a new strategic game inspired by the mysterious spheres of Diquis in Costa Rica. Check the game here!

After Spielwarenmesse, Komarc Games will participate in Toy Fair New York which will be held from February, 19th to February 22nd, 2022 at Jacob Javits. Komarc Games plans to have all of our original products on display. As well as the new version of Aliens and Fish, Face the Mountain, Fingertopz, Stickikubes, and of course, Diquis - our brand new strategy game.

And later, Komarc Games will exhibit at ASTRA in Long Beach, California, and many other tradeshows and events.

WEDNESDAY 06/10/2021

Fingertopz BIG launch in the USA!

At ASTRA 2021 in Minneapolis, Komarc Games announced the release of Fingertopz!

Developed by Komarc Games team, Fingertopz is a funner way to create. Another award-winning box design. A set of Fingertopz, includes 8 vibrant paint colors, 8 cool stamp designs, along with 2 soft foam brushes, color paper, a palette, and a water tray.

Kids create unique works of art, cool paintings, and patterns… all with their fingers. Fingertopz is specially designed for a really comfortable fit. Ideal for kids from 4 to 11. Kids can wear them on the index finger, middle finger, or ring finger. Made from soft, high-quality silicone, Fingertopz is non-toxic and safe for kid’s skin.

Easy to clean! No mess!

The new Fingertopz will be sold in stores from January 2022. Look for more information right now on our page.

Fingertopz BIG launch in the USA!

August 2021

WEDNESDAY 25/08/2021


The new version of Aliens and Fish includes smaller and lighter picturebricks and a new rigid grid board with no folding! The points cubes have been eliminated. Players now use a scorecard and erasable pen to note their points after each round.

New illustrated instructions! This version also comes with more comprehensive, easy-to-understand instructions.

The expected release date is January 2022. Check it out, here!


July 2021

TUESDAY 13/07/2021

KOMARC GAMES announces a new strategy game!

In February 2022, Komarc will release a new strategy game called DIQUIS. Inspired by the lush jungles of Costa Rica and the mysterious stone spheres that baffled historians and scientists around the world.

It’s a highly strategic thinking game with lots of unique twists and turns for 2, 3, or 4 players. The game resembles the Diquis jungles with a beautifully illustrated board along with masterfully designed dwelling properties.

To play the game, players strategically spread their spheres throughout the village to achieve more status and power. Seek out the most strategic paths; change directions of the dwellings (Calpullis) and stop opponents in their tracks. Be the first player to spread their spheres on the properties of Diquis, become village chief, and win.

Follow us to get more updates about Diquis and other great new products.

KOMARC GAMES announces a new strategy game!